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International Cooperation Course

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Cooperation and Citizenship Dynamizing Course

This course has been created with the aim of helping people engaged in social activism to increase their capacity to dynamize social transformation processes. With that purpose in mind, contents tackle different thinking threads. On the one hand, the elements of an evolutionary conceptual frame are examined. On the other hand, the understanding of the nature of disciplines such as social development and development education are also deepened. Considering the importance of the role played by youth in the process of change, one of the units of the course is focused on the type of leadership that youth can exert at their work places. Some of the subjects tackled in the course have a more global character and focus on the United Nations system and its role in promoting human rights and development as effective strategies for fostering human dignity and preventing international society against cross-border threats. In this sense, the course will underline the importance of cross-border cooperation and, more specifically, cooperation with Morocco.